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Look around. There's a story every five feet. They tug at me to give them a home on a page...and that's what I do. Tanya Besmehn is a freelance writer and agented screenwriter living with her husband, daughter and loyal lab on the shores of Dana Point, California -- sometimes dreams do come true.

A Lovely Shade of Brown

It’s my wonderful husband’s birthday. Since the days of long ago when I homeschooled my two oldest daughters, I have done them the disservice of teaching them that all family birthdays are national holidays. We took those days off from … Continue reading

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NMP Spells Angry!

Yesterday I was sad. Like so many of us, I couldn’t stop the tears from randomly rolling down my face. Today I’m angry. America did not elect Donald Trump. America elected Hillary Clinton. The outdated, two-hundred year old Electoral College … Continue reading

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“Just Alright” Friday

Originally posted on Several Stories High:
This has always been a tough week for me.  In grade school it was customary to have Good Friday off, and the ABC affiliate usually ran “The Greatest Story Ever Told” at 3:30pm. I wasn’t…

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Built from Snow

In case you’ve missed it, it’s snowing in the east. I remember snow days. I remember they were few and far between just outside Chicago when I was a kid, in fact there would have to be more than a … Continue reading

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Grace – Fully

My parents were married on October 15th, 1955. Four days later my father would return home to their Chicago apartment with half a cake from the local bakery and reveal to my mother that it was his 24th birthday.  From that … Continue reading

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Forgive the Rant ~

I’m a little tired of the hate ~ I’ve been quiet for a long time. Primarily because it’s hard to write when you’re shaking your head at the unthinkable—the unbelievable. I feel a bit of a rant coming on, so … Continue reading

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Upside Down—Inside Out

It’s Father’s Day and if there’s anything my Palestinian father taught me it’s that prejudice is pain. I find it ironic that the movie “Inside Out” came out the week of one of the worst hate crimes in our history. … Continue reading

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A Light Snack at Tiffany’s

I love movies. I always have. I remember my very first encounter with a movie theatre with a scrolling marquee of bulbs as big as me. I was less than five and they were showing Disney’s “Cinderella”. My parents must … Continue reading

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Dad II

My father passed away today. I’m a little nervous about his first day in heaven. It’s reminiscent of my daughters’ first days at kindergarten. Did he get along? Did he eat lunch? Did he miss me? My father was a … Continue reading

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Surviving the Hood

The good news is that our writing/editing business is brisk, we’ve scored clients coast to coast and we’ve managed to capture more than our fair share of rave reviews and repeat business.   The bad news is it’s becoming rare … Continue reading

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