NMP Spells Angry!

Yesterday I was sad. Like so many of us, I couldn’t stop the tears from randomly rolling down my face.

Today I’m angry.

America did not elect Donald Trump. America elected Hillary Clinton. The outdated, two-hundred year old Electoral College elected Donald Trump; a dangerous, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, ticking time-bomb buffoon. That same Electoral College, created back in a time when only white men who owned property were allowed to vote, is now on the list of necessary change.

Regardless, he will be the next president. He is not my president.

However, I have an open mind.

Mr. Trump: If you would like to be my president, do not repeal Obamacare until you have the program you claim will be superior in place. Do not screw with the environment and cause our earth greater pain than we all experienced yesterday. You don’t think climate change is real?  It’s unusually hot in many areas around our nation this season, and not because we’ve just entered hell.  Respect the hard-fought rights of those who wish to love and marry the person of their choice…you did–three times.   Respect and ensure a woman’s right to choice when it comes to her own body, and while on the subject of respect…lose the gross, unappealing, sophomoric, sickening misogyny.  Work to get all equal pay for equal work. Don’t take us to war. You want to be the leader of this country? A country of mixed races, skin-tones, religions and sexual orientations – embrace them all. Quit threatening to take our country back nearly 60 years to a time of fear and tyranny. If you can’t do these things, then please step off.

If you do step off there is only more to fear.

Mr. Pence: How many friends, family members, acquaintances, staff members have you shoved into closets, locked the door and threw away the key?  Get with the 21st century – you think you can “pray away the gay”, the only thing we can hope is that we can pray away those that would even suggest such a thing. Why are you so afraid to accept people who only want to love? You don’t believe in “gay” love and marriage? Don’t sleep with or marry a man. It’s really quite simple.

To you both: You have succeeded in obtaining your red Senate, red House, red White House, soon-to-be red Supreme Court; you cannot blame Obama for the messes you will make, so be very careful how you proceed.

Speaking of Barack Obama; he is the epitome of grace. He has dealt with the most ignorant racism, your ridiculous accusations, gridlock, stonewalling, disrespect and stupidity by elected officials, all while reducing unemployment, creating jobs, getting our economy under control, mending relations with countries we were at odds with and still managed to be the classiest president we’ve ever had. He will be my president long after January 20th, 2017. DO NOT MENTION HIS NAME UNLESS YOUR TONE IS DRIPPING WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT! Seriously!

You want to be our president? Act like one. That’s all I have to say to you right now. You’ve got enough repair work on your plate. Good luck.


Today, I’m angry. By now you’ve read a lot of rants like this one, and I do appreciate your indulging me while I complete my meltdown. But, it’s not really over. I’m not going to be quiet from here on. Social media makes it far too easy to write our Senators and Congress-women and men every day if necessary.

Speak up, shout out, make your voice heard. We spoke by voting Hillary Clinton into office, only to be told our voices don’t matter. I guess that means we get a little louder. Creating noise? Maybe…but silence gets us nowhere.

Roll up your sleeves comrades – we’ve got work to do.




About Writestuff

Look around. There's a story every five feet. They tug at me to give them a home on a page...and that's what I do. Tanya Besmehn is a freelance writer and agented screenwriter living with her husband, daughter and loyal lab on the shores of Dana Point, California -- sometimes dreams do come true.
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7 Responses to NMP Spells Angry!

  1. Mom says:

    Dear Tanya
    Thank you! You spoke for many of us. Now, about our congressional representatives…

  2. Abby Roman says:

    I believe this is one of the best things you could have written. I love you so dearly. I am angry, maybe even more angry than you. My husband is an immigrant, my extended family are immigrants. I most definitely will not let anyone talk good about trump in front of me without me making some sort of remark. I stayed quiet all the other times people talked about him. Now finally I am going to put my opinion out there for all to hear. I don’t care who you are. Trump will never be my president and I will never have respect for him. He is a piece of shit that flies should eat for their dinner. Excuse my language, but that’s the best I could describe him.

  3. Janice Haefeli says:

    Brilliant, Tanya. You said what is on the mind on so many voters. Keep writing! Love you, Janice Haefeli

  4. Theresa Hudson says:

    Tanya, save a little of the vitriol to blame the Democratic establishment. They did not watch their internal polls well enough. I did not vote for Trump but, as you know, I live in the middle of “it”. The Democratic elite (not folks like you:-) got way too self assured toward the end and I think that there was an air of moral superiority coming from a lot of public people of every stripe. The Dems knew how important those Rust belt states were and they fell short. The sadness is real. It is, truly. It is not, however, just the fault of the Electoral college. You should run for office. You would be amazing.

    • Writestuff says:

      Theresa, I’ve gone through all the stages by now – grief, anger, confusion, regret — you name it. I listened to NPR on my way home tonight (I need a twelve step program) and heard an Alt-State guy say some pretty terrible things about where we were headed and how thrilled he was about heading there. It breaks my heart and I’m not at all sure how to proceed, but I do realize blame isn’t going to do anything. We are where we are — the only thing I can think to do is quiet the hate with compassion and understanding. I can’t stand the hate, the hurt, the fear and the sadness. I think it’s hard because, you’re right, we were in a good place for a long time and took it for granted. Now we have a climb once again. Love you always. ❤

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