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Royally Punked

I’m having a hard time getting caught up in the whole royal wedding dog and pony show.  We’ve been burned before.  We remember July 29th, 1981. We wanted to be Brits. We remember the 6am alarm in the dead of … Continue reading

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Groovy Kind of Love…

Twenty-three years ago today (I was twelve), my life changed forever. I was nine months pregnant, three days late and twenty-three years shy of knowing everything I know today.  Then she finally showed up. No life happens without a good … Continue reading

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“Just Alright” Friday

This has always been a tough week for me.  In grade school it was customary to have Good Friday off, and the ABC affiliate usually ran “The Greatest Story Ever Told” at 3:30pm. I wasn’t crazy about that movie.  Even my third … Continue reading

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One thing you can count on in this often unpredictable world is that a trip to Costco is very similar to a mood enhancing drug complete with illusions of grandeur.  We have done this weekly exercise in James Brown “feel … Continue reading

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Entertaining the Blues

I woke up yesterday with the blues.  I don’t think they were Holly Golightly’s “mean reds”,  I wasn’t feeling quite that colorful.  I’m not sure how they happen, all I know is I went to bed on Wednesday my happy-go-lucky … Continue reading

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I coached soccer for seven years.  Every spring and every fall, it was me and a dozen or so little girls with a common goal of moving a size 5 ball from one side of the field to the other … Continue reading

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DMV (Part 2) – Deny Migrating Virginians

Birth certificate – check. Passport – check. A note from my mom – check. Smog thingy certificate – check. Agreement to spend entire day off standing in a line with 4,500 people in a quest to become legal in California … Continue reading

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DMV – Dame Most Vicious

Disclaimer:  This story is about the DMV, so it will undoubtedly take several windows and several mornings off from work to complete.  There will be no snacks from vending machines, and no comfortable chairs.  If you step away to use … Continue reading

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A Simple Side of SLAW

So, I ask that you bear with me as I wrap up the week of wellness.   I still have a little unfinished business here. We often equate wellness with a healthy glow, a government approved BMI, record-breaking attendance at … Continue reading

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